"To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself."

Soren Kierkegaard

Anxiety Treatment

Are you tired of constant worry, invasive negative thoughts and fears? Do you feel that it’s difficult to stop your thoughts from racing and thinking of negative outcomes? Anxiety is a prevalent. Anxiety often takes the form of negative troubling images and thoughts that replay over and over again. Negative thoughts and images may keep you awake at night and interfere with you enjoying the present moment.

Relationship Counseling

Do you feel frustrated, confused, or despairing in your relationship with your partner or in other important relationships? Do you stay awake at night wondering how to have more loving and lasting relationships? Are you in a relationship that feels stuck, at an impasse and deeply frustrating? Are you in despair over a situation that seems hopeless? Relationships and intimacy are deeply important in our lives.

Grief Counseling

Are you feeling heartsick and perplexed by a loss or major change in your life? If you have experienced a major life event or a major loss, you may feel lost at sea. You may feel as if you are caught up in a tidal wave, where you’ve lost your ground, been swept up, and landed in a place you don’t recognize. Many people describe grief as all-consuming or like being under water.

Highly Sensitive People

Do you feel uncomfortable in many new social situations? Do you dislike small talk? Do you find yourself overwhelmed after a long period of interacting with people? Are you sensitive to noise? Do you find yourself dealing anxious and overwhelmed when you are in the spotlight? Do you have a rich inner life? Are you more comfortable with a few close friends than in a crowd? If you answered yes too many of these questions, you are likely a highly sensitive person.

Spiritual Counseling

Are you desiring to connect more deeply with your understanding of a higher power? Do you want to connect more deeply with a sense of your authentic self and purpose in life? Spiritual counseling interweaves the usual benefits of counseling—such as the alleviation of suffering, insights into one’s dilemmas, improvement in relationships, and personal growth—with your most significant meanings and value system.

Therapist Supervision

Are you seeking supervision for learning, sustenance or to work towards licensure? Have you been searching for a supervisor who has masterful clinical skills as well as the ability to support and nurture your process? Supervision should provide you with both a powerful and integrative learning environment where you can hone your expertise as a therapist as well as a safe and an empathic environment where you can probe the depths of your own experience.