Anxiety Treatment

Are you tired of constant worry, invasive negative thoughts and fears?

Do you feel that it’s difficult to stop your thoughts from racing and thinking of negative outcomes? Anxiety is a prevalent human experience.  Anxiety often takes the form of negative troubling images and thoughts that replay over and over again. Negative thoughts and images may keep you awake at night and interfere with you enjoying the present moment. Do you feel it would be a relief to go to sleep easily at night, to have some space and freedom from relentless negative images and thoughts: to feel a sense of peace and hope? You may feel like there is no escape from these images and thoughts but, with help and skills, there is.

Anxiety and fear take you away from the now and robs you of a full life and openness to experience.

You may have some of the symptoms of anxiety such as; difficulty focusing, heart palpitations, fast pulse, and sometimes sweating, and nightmares.  Anxiety can interfere with everyday functioning in work and in relationships and study. Extreme anxiety is agonizing and often paralyzing. Nature and nurture are at play when it comes to all forms of anxiety. Your temperament, neurological makeup, including brain structure and your early childhood environment have profound influence on your emotional sensitivity and response to stress.

There is good news. Anxiety is highly treatable by lifestyle supports such as exercise and or meditation and the integrated mind-body therapy I can provide you.

Are you afraid or uncomfortable in crowds and other social environments?

Do you feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or somehow put on the spot?  Do you find yourself avoiding groups of people and situations where you may need to talk to people you are not familiar with? Many people with anxiety are afraid of social situations.   As an experienced therapist, I can help you understand your discomfort and to learn coping skills, as well as the underlying issues that are contributing to your social discomfort.  For example, some people experienced bullying in childhood or difficult relationships with authority figures, which may impact their trust of people in social situations.  And some people are by nature Introverts and take a while to feel comfortable in new situations, as well as to communicate with new people.  Introversion can be strength as well.  Introverted people tend to have a rich inner life and deep relationships.

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by your fears?

Anxiety takes a toll on people physically and psychologically.  If you are stressed and anxious much of the time, your nervous system is likely stuck in a place of responding as if it were constantly under threat.  This is not your fault.  It’s a neurological pattern.  Your nervous system is stuck in fight, flight or freeze or all of these survival responses.

When a person experiences too much stress, all too prevalent in our fast-paced culture, too many losses or changes, or repeated traumas, she may be in a constant state of alarm and defense, prone to be either irritable and jumpy, ready to fight or fearful agitated and ready to escape, also he or she may feel numb or shut down; that is, in a state of freeze.  Not infrequently, when a person is extremely stressed or traumatized, all three of these ways of responding as if one is under threat can be happening.

A holistic and integrated therapy can provide a powerful healing for you.

This is not your ordinary therapy. An integrated, holistic mind and body and therapy draws from proven methods that heal anxiety.  I will help you to address the underlying issues and experiences connected with your anxiety. It’s a bit like being an archaeologist uncovering the important pieces of the puzzle of your past and putting them together.  It may take some time, but many people feel some relief in the first few sessions.  And we will also address how to reframe negative thinking and address worry and fear more strategically and realistically.  Furthermore, I will also help you heal through powerful mind-body interventions that help to heal and overstressed nervous system so that you can feel relaxed and employ the coping skills and gradual lifestyle changes you will learn much more easily. Even if you have tried therapy before and found that it did not help you as much as you’d hoped it would, it’s important to know that every therapist is different and has different skills.  As a very seasoned therapist, I have helped with the healing process of many people from veterans, victims of abuse and other people with mild to extreme anxiety and trauma; I welcome your call or email. Anxiety treatment is your first step to freedom.