Anxiety cures

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Embrace anxiety cures. Anxiety is a fully embodied experience living in the mind, body, and soul.  Cures for anxiety need to look at the big and the small picture of our lives. The Experience of anxiety is more than in the mind. How we eat,  how well we sleep, our close relationships and the exercise we have in our lives contribute to our sense of well-being, or depression and anxiety. Treatment of anxiety should be holistic and comprise many realms of life, including the inner workings of our most intimate family lives and our internal...

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Healing Trauma

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Healing trauma is a complicated venture. A holistic approach is the most hopeful way to have a deep and sustained healing. Years ago, I worked in a community veterans center primarily with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, but also with some Vietnam and even won Korean veterans. I was one of the very few women. Working with these men, and a few women, I was one of the very few people, not a veteran. It’s hard to say how much of their trauma was due to the ugliness of war, the horror of discovering what humans can do to other humans, or...

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Reconnection heals the soul, self and world

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Reconnection heals the soul, self, and world The world’s disenchantment is caused by separation from nature and our place in the soul realms of nature and the sacred. We witness separation affects in these realms: social, global, individual, family, and society. The insidious problem is one of worldview in which patriarchy, as shown now and in history, demeans nature, women, and indigenous cultures. The ultimate outcome of the most poisonous version of patriarchy is a soulless world focused on the acquisition of things, power, and...

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Elevate Suffffering: reweaving the soul and earth worlds

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Thresholds that reunite worlds into one world exist. Elevate Suffering by reweaving the soul and earth worlds. To live ethically and reap the beauty of belonging, we urgently need to recover the unity that predates Western dualism. Worldview is the issue in our time that most affect us personally and globally. We are limited as individuals and as a culture by a limited worldview.  Our society seems blind to the obvious truth that an individual journey is shaped by and shapes our world. We have been fractured, and our world is fractured. But...

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Our Destiny is towards light- Transmutation

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                                             Destiny More slowly than a seastar the stone walked down the sands towards the surf foam to be in line with the trajectory of my footsteps She held the oldest wisdom to impart —- ancient medicine to share In the dull new moon black of her form  I thought I saw an instant of brightness I scooped her from the sand — held her palm-size dense body close   I am your destiny … She said Then, yes…. The luminous shapes and veins of whiteness Were emerging from her rough rock darkness...

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Systhesia – an embodied spirit interbeing connection

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Synesthesia   Do you experience the melding of the senses? It is considered an anomaly by science but revered by indigenous people. It is a spirit and an embodied interbeing connection. One time, driving to a ceremony, I told my indigenous teacher, “If I lay in the meadow on a sunny day and watch a Hawk above me flying in the sky, I feel and hear the movement of her flight in my body as if I am flying.” I feel the up-and-down movement in my muscles, I feel the buoyancy of air, and accompany all this movement is music.”...

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Understand how Envy hurts your soul

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Envy   In my youth, envy leered at me from all the dark corners. The hearty apparition of envy is a legacy of my ambitious, competitive parents. Ted and Klarese followed the cultural maxim that to succeed, you compete. Competition and comparison go together. Who is up, and who is down? Once, I joined a watercolor class with several friends. The purple haired experienced teacher looked over my shoulder at my work and smiled. My friend beside me inadvertently flinched as her face showed envy souring her creative experience. In the same...

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Heal the inner critic and the soul speaks

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  Healing the inner Critic allows the soul to speak. Transform the inner Critic into a friendly guide and free the voice of your wise spirit. Who is the Inner Critic, the harsh voice who says we are not good enough, we need to be better, we might fail, or we have failed? Our inner Critic derives from our authority figures and enculturation beginning in early life. If we were fortunate enough to be in a school system or to live in a family with gentle, authentic ways of guiding us, our inner Critic would be a more friendly guide. However,...

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The soil of our lives is our existence. Healthy soil is rooted in the sense of being rather than doing. The only way to fully grow, thrive, and blossom is to be present in our lives. From industrial economic and historical forces, industrial beginnings in our economy. Time clocks exert pressure on us beyond our conscious awareness. We peddle on a treadmill of constant doing so that even meditation or yoga is sometimes more in the realm of doing than in re-focusing on the presence necessary to be. We feel an urgency to be more efficient and to...

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giving love

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It often strikes me that our present-day culture is upside down in terms of values and some understandings. I was recently reading an article in a Buddhist magazine about relationship which reminded me of the wisdom of the native people I have been graced with knowing. The article suggested we have been focusing on procuring love and not enough on giving love in our search for fulfillment. What if we turn that upside down and hone instead our heart muscles- out ability to love. When we fulfill the needs for love for others, we expand...

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