The great turning

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Arrive in this world slowly a bit at a time Small soft new body settling into the weight of gravity the feel of incarnate belonging The arms of mother Earth, the arms of your mother, the arms of your father, the arms of your family, hold you as you fall into this way of being come gradually into this world When your eyes are closed and you are dreaming return to where you were before there you are ancient, enormous, unbound, and knowing here you will be innocent and naïve as it should be when we begin again begin again swaddled in love, in blissful wonder In love with this new world, this...

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Connection is magic. Connection is the essence of aliveness.

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Connection is magic. Connection heals. Connection is the essence of aliveness. It was a shimmering early spring day. I had walked throughout the park and, noticing I was hungry, I began to walk the path towards where my car was parked. I saw an elderly man holding a cane. He walked very slowly, bent over, holding a cane.  I said “hello” to him and he looked up and said “hi, you can help me walk.” He reached out his hand. I took his hand. Internally, I said to myself “slow down, you don’t have to get back to your car quickly, take this time to be with this...

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I am uplifted when science, intuition and ancient wisdom align. We all have innate gifts to share and celebrate in this life. Likewise, the earth, her powers and creatures have gifts for us. Awe and beauty have been found to heal and cheer us. Healthy unadulterated diets with lots of foods and vegetables actually prevent many diseases and greatly sustain better moods. Fast food undermines physical and mental health. Trees give us oxygen and hold soil in place and of course we cannot live without the gift of water. And then there is the electomatic field of the earth which works a natural...

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Highly sensitive person joins the gym

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I told my husband I was going to the gym I’d just joined online but had not yet visited. I said “I’m not sure when I’ll get home because I don’t expect to do a workout. I just want to look around and see what it’s like.” He looked up at me from his laptop and said “well, why would you go to the gym if you don’t think you’re going to workout? I replied” Because I like to get used to the atmosphere and take my time getting to know a place.” He looked up again with a perplexed look on his face and said “that...

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Happiness and connection

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We are more connected than we know. We influence one another more than we know… even in our moods and weight. People living together catch one anothers eating habits and moods like we catch colds. Be mindful of who you hang out with and of how your own mood affects others. Good news — in studies on happiness this connection is revealed in a sweet way. We experience far more fulfillment when we spend the same amount of money on others rather than ourselves. Altruism and love are real and good for all. Poverty is stressful and linked to unhappiness but wealth doesn’t make...

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Going into inner magic

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In our culture we emphasize doing over being, we emphasize focusing on the future over the present and the past. We tend to emphasize focusing on our outward life, our goals, our appearance and how other people think of us more then we focus on our inner world.  Our inner world far surpasses our thoughts. Magic will happen there. Some other cultures we can learn from, such as the cultures that practice Buddhism or more indigenous cultures, balance focus on the outside world with reflection and sensing an inner world. Our inner worlds can connect us to ourselves ; that is,  how can we grow,...

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