Going into inner magic

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In our culture we emphasize doing over being, we emphasize focusing on the future over the present and the past. We tend to emphasize focusing on our outward life, our goals, our appearance and how other people think of us more then we focus on our inner world.  Our inner world far surpasses our thoughts. Magic will happen there. Some other cultures we can learn from, such as the cultures that practice Buddhism or more indigenous cultures, balance focus on the outside world with reflection and sensing an inner world. Our inner worlds can connect us to ourselves ; that is,  how can we grow,...

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The eclipse is coming our way the 21st. Get your safety glasses. Welcome the days beaming life source  – the sun into your soul.  When the sun as the symbol of life, heart and courage and the moon the energy of intuition, nurturing and sensitivity meet,  great power and balance commence. How can your heart and your intuition work more closely together. The day and the night will overlap. How can these different forces in our lives create a  symphony of celebration and transformation?

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draw upside down

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Although brain function is more complex than what I suggest here, there is an emphasis on the left hemisphere of the brain in our culture. Nurture what we call the right brain … we are too in the logical linear brain and our experience of this magnificent world is limited by tuning out the visual spacial intuitive half of our brain. Draw upside down, put away devices, listen to instrumental music, walk, and sit in silence. Practise gently quieting internal...

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What are the qualities of resilience? What about thriving? We must claim our lives, claim our worthiness , our shared suffering and our shared vulnerability. Perhaps thriving and resilience are rooted in faith. If not faith in the great mystery, faith in the power of life force, of the dynamic essence of alchemy and transformation. We can use the lead of our lives to deepen, to build character and compassion as well as, ultimately, to create gold. A heart of gold and faith in ourselves, others and...

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How we talk to ourselves or others is important. Emotions are contagious and words engender emotions. Internalized  self talk is powerful too. We should aim to be compassionately honest and uplifting. Sweet words of encouragement and appreciation are far more powerful than criticism in the long run. False praise is not useful. We should be honest with ourselves and others about what we deem as our true gifts. We are all unique flowers in a field of beauty. Each a wonder, no need to...

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praise for senses, beauty and creature friends

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Studies in happiness remind us what we once knew — doing nothing, compassion, being in the present and  connections with humans or animals etc are the keys to happiness. Although  childhood is not without suffering, most children have time to be and to interact with the marvels of the world. It is frightening to see a small child spend much time with technology rather in full engagement with the world, creatures and the senses. When I taught ecopsychology it was before all this deluge of research on the values of awe, beauty and nature had come into mainstream awareness. I am glad this...

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