Ceremony, Ritual and Spiritual guidance

Ceremony, Ritual, and Spiritual guidance.


I offer guidance in and facilitation of ceremonies and rituals.  The indigenous Elders I have trained with have encouraged me to share the healing gifts and wisdom I may offer you.  It is my greatest desire to share the gifts that keep on giving.

Ceremonies and rituals are healing, empowering and transformative.  Rituals and ceremonies help us to clearly acknowledge and move through important transitions such as graduations, welcoming the returning of the light at the winter solstice, vison quests, retreats, death, and birth. They may welcome an expanded identity as well. For example, in marriage or commitment ceremonies we welcome in the identity of we-ness – of being a couple.  Both ceremonies and rituals touch upon the whole of our being including our unconscious and the collective unconscious (in Jungian terms) or in other words they touch the great mystery- the sacred. The seen and unseen workings of ceremony and ritual alter our consciousness and enact a kind of alchemy available to us all. They change lives.

Rituals are actions we undertake with intentional repetition.  They may be solitary endeavors or occur with others. Daily meditation or prayer is a ritual for some of us.  Certain songs are ritually sung like a birthday song, hymns or chants. The lighting of candles as a call to bring in light and with the light the divine or to illuminate and bring understanding is a ritual.

Ceremonies often have rituals within them such as candle lighting, dancing, singing and sometimes special clothes used only on sacred or special occasions like a graduation gown or the regalia used by Native Americans at powwows and other ceremonies. Those ceremonies bring the community together and reinforce belonging to one another – a community identity.  Certain ceremonies are planned and enacted for healing. For example, I have led fire ceremonies for military veterans and for other groups at retreats who are seeking to let go and to cleanse an aspect of their lives, of themselves. Some ceremonies are solitary such as a vision quest.

Rituals and ceremonies can help us recover what has been lost and bring in fresh new life.  I’m deeply grateful for the rituals, initiations, and ceremonies I have been graced with. I personally know the power of these undertakings.  It would be an honor to prepare you or your group and to facilitate a life-changing practice or event.