Connection is magic. Connection is the essence of aliveness.

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Connection is magic. Connection heals. Connection is the essence of aliveness.

It was a shimmering early spring day. I had walked throughout the park and, noticing I was hungry, I began to walk the path towards where my car was parked. I saw an elderly man holding a cane. He walked very slowly, bent over, holding a cane.  I said “hello” to him and he looked up and said “hi, you can help me walk.” He reached out his hand. I took his hand. Internally, I said to myself “slow down, you don’t have to get back to your car quickly, take this time to be with this man.”

He began to share with me. He said he loved being here in the park. He pointed out the fresh green tips of a tree and said with a soft smile “new life.” He asked me “Did you see the wood duck?” He laughed when he heard the voices of children further back by the pond. Still smiling he said, “people are good” and I said “yes, most people are.”

He told me his wife’s name was Violet.  He said, “you must’ve known her, she was a tiny little thing.” I did not know her, but I just smiled and listened. He went on “we met when we were 17 and her parents said it would never last. ” His smiles and appreciation went on and on.  I said, “you must miss her very much” and he answered, “I would give anything to be with her for just a few minutes” then he added “but then I’ll see her in heaven.” He gazed up at the sky for a moment.

I asked him what his name was, and he said “Clarence.” And then he looked at me with a perplexed expression. ” I thought you would’ve known that” he wondered aloud.  I think he thought he knew me. I smiled and said, “I’m not very good at names to set him at ease.” Then he stopped and handed me his cane while he concentrated and looked at me closely.  His smile dissipated. we stood eye to eye.

His eyes within a wrinkled face, showed no age. His eyes were clear and spring sky blue. In his expression there was a strong intention, a strong connection that impacted my heart. He said, “are you okay?” and he looked up as if he was asking me if I was all right with the world or God.  I answered him honestly meeting his intense look, “yes, I’m okay.”   Then, satisfied, he smiled, and we continued to walk across the little bridge that went over a singing creek.

He said “I built my house here 70 years ago right down the street. Things have changed so much but the creek is still here.” I asked him “how old are you?” he said mysteriously “75, 85, 95.” and then he laughed and looked at me. ” you’re just a youngster. I am 100.” We came to the end of the path near where my car was parked. I asked him “do you want me to walk the rest the way to your home.” he said “no you go ahead and have a wonderful day.” When we parted, looking back where he stood, I saw him offer his hand to a young woman passing by. She accepted.

In my car I wept a little with sweet tears.
I was grateful for this quick encounter, a little gift of company initiated by an open hearted very alive old man, a little gift of time from my heart.