Our Destiny is towards light- Transmutation

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More slowly than a seastar

the stone walked down the sands

towards the surf foam

to be in line with the trajectory of my footsteps

She held the oldest wisdom to impart —-

ancient medicine to share

In the dull new moon black of her form

 I thought I saw an instant of brightness

I scooped her from the sand — held her palm-size dense body close


I am your destiny … She said

Then, yes…. The luminous shapes and veins of whiteness

Were emerging from her rough rock darkness

Crystalline agate — palest mellow golden

frost white and, finally

sheer silver-blue starlight

Swirling in soft mountain ranges, a broad, deep internal river

transmuting from rock to light — from coarse to smooth

 A transfiguration over eons


But destiny is patient . . .

I wondered if the light fashioned on the outside was superficial, a thin wrap

Then, no, I held her up to the sky, and it was plain to see her clear crystal heart

The light all the way through