I dreamt the other night that I held in my hand a bright true blue light. At the center was a globe of white surrounded by a thin rim of gold- yellow. The light trembled and radiated in my hand.  I felt its healing force and in that force was an inexhaustible, vital, irrepressible joy.
We cannot bring light into the darkness unless we approach the darkness and look at it.  We cannot escape our own darkness or the darkness in the world. Facing and transforming our darkness with light brings growth, liberation and, yes, joy.
Our growth and our hope is to bring the light to the darkness. I mean the kind of darkness that suffocates and harms and not the kind of fertile darkness that gestates new life.
Changing ourselves and the world we love begins with honesty. Look into those shadow places and bring the light of awareness and acceptance, compassion and humility to the shadows. In this way the shadows become allies. Nothing to be ashamed of in our shadows.We all have them and with compassion and bravery at hand, they can become potent teachers.
This is the path of courage – to go into the darkness with the light of our souls.

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