FAQsWhy should you come to therapy?

In study after study, the outcomes say that, yes- therapy can help you, especially if you go to an experienced therapist.  Perhaps you have gone to therapy in the past and you didn’t feel like it helped you.  You invested a lot of time and money and still felt anxious or grief stricken.  However, you should know that each therapist is different, and brings with him or her a unique blend of skills by which to help you.  My particular unique blend of skills may be just the right fit for you. Or perhaps when you went to therapy before it wasn’t quite the right time.  Just like every seed has its own timing for starting to grow, every person develops and evolves in her or his own time.  Some seeds that are planted, take a long time under the ground before they pop through the surface and into the light.  I’ve worked with people of all ages.  I have seen people in their 80s resolve, at last, significant issues that had weighed on them for years.

Therapy does require commitment, time and money on your part.  When you are suffering you may feel impatient, which is totally understandable. Some people feel a lot of relief and resolution after a few sessions.  Yet many people take longer because they are doing life changing work that will affect them positively for the rest of their lives. Still, you may feel guilty or stressed about spending money on yourself. But an investment in your self and the quality of your life has got to be one of the most important things that you can do. You are worth it. And when we are doing well in our lives and feeling good, it rubs off on those around us. Therapy by yourself can have a wonderful affect on your relationships.

Does therapy seem like it would just be too difficult?  When you are really suffering and struggling to work through something, therapy may seem like another burden.  But a skilled therapist can help you find tools that will make your life less stressful and she/he will work with you at a pace that is right for you and t does not add to your distress.  And this is where working with a seasoned therapist can be very important.  Because recognizing the nonverbal cues along with what you are telling me can help me to understand how best to work with you and how you are feeling in the moment. My aim is to make therapy a safe, rewarding and, ultimately, an uplifting experience.  Therapy can be challenging but it should not add to your suffering. It is usually a source of tremendous relief and resolution. Your healing process is collaborative. Trust and good communication are the foundation of this process. I have seen it over and over again.


I embrace differences. All are welcome in my practice. I have worked with all kinds of people (including LGBT) in all kinds of circumstances; from artists and therapists to veterans and immigrants. I’ve helped people coping with abuse, learning disabilities, self- esteem, psychosis, anxiety and depression, addictions, painful loss and transitions- such as death, divorce, and illness, as well as veterans, therapists, musicians and people seeking spiritual growth. Many of my clients are highly sensitive people. Many of my clients are healers (nurses, therapists, and doctors) and artists. Often people who want to pursue a spiritual journey come to me.  Still, I meet people where they are. I respect all worldviews. Several of my clients are atheists too.

Couples counseling and individuals counseling are both offered to you. I have also worked with parents and adult children. And I love working with groups and seeing people receive so much support and understanding. Groups provide tremendous support and community in an era when we are often too alone in our struggles. Sometimes lasting friendships are formed and people are surprised by how much healing and hope they come away with. I have facilitated groups and workshops both indoors and outdoors. Often workshops and retreats move us through transitions and bring renewal. Right now, I guide an ongoing monthly women’s group. The focus of the group is spiritual and psychological growth and support. Occasionally, I bring in guest mentors who have specialties in some form of spiritual wisdom. We have had a wonderfully vital woman elder in her 80s who is a mystic and an indigenous medicine person share with us. The group also meets for retreats now and then. Let me know if you are interested.


I will do my best to work with you so that you can afford therapy. I offer a limited number of sliding fee scale adjustments to those who need it. Please ask me if you need a fee adjustment. Most insurance companies will reimburse a lot of the fee even when I am not a network provider.

I am a preferred provider with First Choice Health and Keiser. My standard fee is $145.00 for an individual and $150.00 for couples or families.

A free 15-minute phone consult is offered at your request.

I look forward to hearing from you. Call (425- 761- 0028) or email me joannedhalverson@gmail.com