giving love

Posted by on Nov 13, 2018 in anxiety, Grief, Highly Sensitive, introversion | 0 comments

It often strikes me that our present-day culture is upside down in terms of values and some understandings.
I was recently reading an article in a Buddhist magazine about relationship which reminded me of the wisdom of the native people I have been graced with knowing. The article suggested we have been focusing on procuring love and not enough on giving love in our search for fulfillment. What if we turn that upside down and hone instead our heart muscles- out ability to love. When we fulfill the needs for love for others, we expand ourselves and our hearts. Expansion versus the contraction we experience with fear and grasping brings joy.

Many ancient and wiser cultures state we truly are a one-in-a- we. Loving others gets us out of ego focus and then circles around to uplift us as we raise up the other. Furthermore, many studies find kindness and love beget more kindness and love. Remember the golden rule is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

The gifts of love and compassion keep on giving because we are all in this together.
Giving and receiving are a part of a continuum just as the nutrients in the soil nurture a tree gives back healthy air nourishing the creatures who eventually return to the soil and become a part of the forest.