Happiness and connection

Posted by on Feb 5, 2018 in anxiety, Blog, Grief, Highly Sensitive, introversion, Relationship, supervision | 0 comments

We are more connected than we know. We influence one another more than we know… even in our moods and weight. People living together catch one anothers eating habits and moods like we catch colds.

Be mindful of who you hang out with and of how your own mood affects others.

Good news — in studies on happiness this connection is revealed in a sweet way. We experience far more fulfillment when we spend the same amount of money on others rather than ourselves. Altruism and love are real and good for all. Poverty is stressful and linked to unhappiness but wealth doesn’t make people happy. Joy and meaning stem from pro-social lived values not status or money.

Sharing and community lead to more joy too.