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The soil of our lives is our existence. Healthy soil is rooted in the sense of being rather than doing. The only way to fully grow, thrive, and blossom is to be present in our lives. From industrial economic and historical forces, industrial beginnings in our economy. Time clocks exert pressure on us beyond our conscious awareness. We peddle on a treadmill of constant doing so that even meditation or yoga is sometimes more in the realm of doing than in re-focusing on the presence necessary to be.

We feel an urgency to be more efficient and to produce something. We tend to look for something better to aim towards, a better body or job, etc. In this looking to the future rather than the now, we lose sight of the joy of gratitude in beauty and inspiration right with us now. Devices and the internet connect, inform, and entertain us, but they are also addictive and overstimulating. Overstimulation leads to stress and burnout.

 It’s our birthright to be. We become out of touch with nature’s original rhythm and cycles when we overdo it. Natural rhythms are what we need for holistic well-being. As difficult as that is to tune back into, there are ways to do this. Fundamentally a good life is rooted in meaning and presence. And to be present, we need space and silence to let go of the unconscious attunement to clock time.

Nature time is gracious and restorative. Our bodies, minds, and souls thrive in organic earth rhythms. Indeed, a fundamental teaching of neurophysiological well-being is a return to presence. Part of presence is accepting our lives, realizing what we are present with, and making room for the spaciousness of silence and non-scheduling.

To return to the routine seeds of a good life, we need to make conscious choices about this as a priority. Our culture is an addictive consumer culture. Wise indigenous teachings tell us to notice what the earth is teaching us. The earth is the most excellent teacher and healer. Some of the most precious beings we know, babies, puppies kittens, don’t do much. We adore them for just being here. To recapture that appreciation in ourselves requires mindful changes.

We don’t have to be stuck in the consumer mentality that there’s always something better; therefore, we always feel lacking, deprived, or envious. We can remind ourselves to let go of these socially induced poisons and return to the wonders of the earth, the soul-our birthright.

One wise Hawaiian Elder listened to a man complaining about the failure of his business and his fears of poverty. She told him,” Let go of shame, blame and resentment and turn to what you love, appreciate, and are part of right now. Retrain your feelings towards thankfulness. And tell yourself what is going well,  what is good in you and your life now.” Let us follow her ancient kind wisdom.

Reclaim what you knew as a small child, the simple gift of presence, the magic, and the mystery of silence—practice time to be in silence, acceptance, and gratitude.

You will be happier.