Highly Sensitive People


Do you feel uncomfortable in many new social situations? Do you dislike small talk? 

Do you find yourself overwhelmed after a long period of interacting with people?  Are you sensitive to noise? Do you find yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed when you are in the spotlight?  Do you have a rich inner life?  Are you more comfortable with a few close friends than in a crowd?  If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are likely a highly sensitive person.  Highly sensitive people often experience anxiety, loneliness and misunderstanding, and struggle with feeling overwhelmed. Highly sensitive people have many gifts and also many challenges due to the high stress and social demands in our culture, as well as the lack of down time and time for solitude. In slower paced cultures, such as Indigenous cultures, to be very sensitive is considered a great asset, not only for oneself but for the care of others. Creativity is also more valued in cultures that are less materialistic. Highly sensitive people are frequently highly creative, gifted and or introverts. However, some extroverts are highly sensitive as well.  Introversion is highly misunderstood in our society. We live in a kind of cheerleader culture that gives strokes to people who are outgoing, who raise their hand in class situations, speak up readily. Introverts are not unfriendly. Introverts are highly sensitive to their environment and need more time and energy to process the information that’s coming into them.

Do you feel as if you often don’t fit in?

Highly sensitive people have a different brain structure and nervous system than most people.  And your history, epigenetics, family background, and the nature of the kind of attachment you experienced early on will also impact how your sensitivity has unfolded as an asset or a challenge for you. In our culture highly sensitive people are often misunderstood and too frequently shamed for their sensitivity. Highly sensitive people, introverts and creative people are often driven by the passion and values in their lives.  They often have very deep inner lives and do very well if they’re able to understand their need for processing time and downtime. For example, Gandhi was very introverted although he mobilized huge crowds. Creative, spiritual and highly sensitive people, through coming to know their strengths and expressing their true selves contribute in remarkable ways to the inspiring and healing of the world by expressing their unique talents. Still, not all highly sensitive people are introverts. Many highly sensitive people have struggled with shame and even have felt ostracized because they experience the world in a way that may be different from the mainstream.  It is your birthright to express your authentic self and your unique talents and expression in this world. You have gifts to develop and skills to learn to help you care for yourself and cope better.

Have you been told you are too sensitive or thin skinned?

It is my desire to help educate you about your sensitivities, lifestyle needs and to help you unlock your strength, passion and talents.  Highly sensitive people are often found in the creative arts as well is in social services, the clergy and the healing professions. I specialize in working with adults who are creative, highly sensitive, and/or gifted, spiritual seekers, including dancers, therapists, musicians, artists, photographers, and teachers, other kinds of healers.