I wake up in the morning and sometimes I’m drawn in by my curiosity to watch the news.

This actually is not such a good idea, so often I have the discipline to quickly turn the TV off and avoid the latest fascinating horror. Instead I go outside, even in the rain, and look at the sky and feed the birds.

It’s much better for our nervous systems for our sense of connection in the world to take time to be and to use our senses to connect with our environment, to renew us and fill us up. Connection and our senses move us towards joy.

I recommend the book by Charles Eisenstein The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. It is such a clear review of the issues that we all face and of possible solutions. Although Eisenstein talks of the world of interbeing and interconnection as if it is something new that we may choose to head towards it’s actually ancient wisdom: an ancient wisdom that endures in some intact indigenous cultures.

One of the ways we can pursue the more beautiful world our hearts know is true is simply to take time to be and to welcome in and except the gifts of the natural world we live in beyond the world of human making, the world of technology. There’s a wide and beautiful world out there if we take time to pay attention, to practice putting our thoughts on hold (or at least quieting them) and to be present. It can take practice but it’s our innate nature and we can do it… we can BE!