Reconnection heals the soul, self and world

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Reconnection heals the soul, self, and world

The world’s disenchantment is caused by separation from nature and our place in the soul realms of nature and the sacred. We witness separation affects in these realms: social, global, individual, family, and society.

The insidious problem is one of worldview in which patriarchy, as shown now and in history, demeans nature, women, and indigenous cultures.

The ultimate outcome of the most poisonous version of patriarchy is a soulless world focused on the acquisition of things, power, and status leading to diluted life.  Without interconnection, we might become zombies or robots.

The environmental crisis is human-caused, as is the majority of the mental health crisis. We need reconnection. Uncoupling and disconnecting natural rhythms and ecological cycles sleep-wake cycles has led to a plethora of current diseases as well as despair. The key is seeking reconnection with our souls one another and the natural world. The natural world includes our own bodies.

We can become healthy and happier again by taking care of ourselves and our world. We can make choices that help reconnection in many realms.