Relationship Counseling

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Do you feel frustrated, confused, or despairing in your relationship with your partner or in other important relationships?

Do you stay awake at night wondering how to have more loving and lasting relationships? Are you in a relationship that feels stuck, at an impasse and deeply frustrating? Are you in despair over a situation that seems hopeless?

Relationships and intimacy are deeply important in our lives.  Relationships can provide meaning, joy and comfort in our lives when they are secure and going well and tremendous suffering challenges to our self-esteem when things are not going well or after a breakup.  Whether you are experiencing a challenge and a relationship with a parent, a child, sibling or friend understanding interpersonal dynamics and how our temperament and family background affect how we deal with intimacy and relationships.  Today can help you change patterns at have very rewarding and deeper connections with people you care about.

I have assisted parents and children, co-parents, ex-partners, as well as married people in crisis and successfully helped them to find resolution in disagreeing, to break the chain of negative interactions with each other improve communication and move forward with hope and clarity. Understanding temperament, communication patterns and attachment styles as well as well as learning how to compromise and when to let go will help resolve difficult situations.  Often relationships can improve dramatically with a little insight practice and good will.  Sometimes, in unhealthy relationships, people do need to let go and move on as well.

Do you recognize negative patterns in your relationships?

Are you continually hoping for significant change in order to make a relationship work?  Do you find yourself consist constantly thinking about the relationship and worrying about the relationship.  It sure current relationships feel like it’s on the verge of falling apart?  Do you feel exhausted by all the effort you put into really relationship with little change.  Or if you have split up, do you find yourself constantly going over what went wrong?  Has your self-esteem suffered?  Do you wonder what your party is and what has gone wrong?  You often wonder how to make it better. Have you been through one relationship after another that seems to follow us a similar pattern?  A pattern that is not in the long run good for you, or fulfilling?  Are you choosing the wrong people were choosing the right people at the wrong time or circumstances?

You’re not alone.  Many people find themselves repeating unfulfilling and her negative patterns and relationships that feeling leave them feeling frustrated, confused, exhausted, or even despairing.  as a therapist who has many experience many years of experiences helping people understand the underlying reasons as well as the patterns that are affecting their relationships as well as the general intimacy in their lives, I can help you.

Does your romantic relationship need help?

Do you wonder how relationships succeed and how you might communicate better? Do you wonder how to get the love you want, where the love you had went or why you are feeling numb? Do you want to feel healing from resentments and guilt in your relationship.  Do you want to figure out what is your part in what is theirs in any conflicts that you have?  There many proven ways to heal as well as to learn skills that will lead to greater intimacy and fulfillment.  By learning the tools of communication and understanding family patterns, your own temperament and defenses, as well as what makes for lasting and fulfilling relationships, you will move forward.  If you and your partner are ready to make some lasting changes that will benefit both of you, I invite you to begin. Relationship counseling can help you understand what isn’t working; make changes that will help you both, heal the hurts between you and establish new and better lifestyle changes that will improve your relationship as well.

What if my partner will not come to counseling?

If you are having trouble in your relationship your partner or spouse and they do not wish to come to counseling with you, you can begin on your own.  Coming by your self can definitely make things better.  You are empowering your self to make positive changes.  Even if feels like an extra burden that you should be carrying the weight of the relationship.  You can get help.  It’s not unusual for one person to seek help within a relationship when the other person is hesitant or refuses to seek help at this time.  Many people are hesitant to come to therapy out of embarrassment or fear and shame.  Her partner may be afraid of being blamed or that something will get shaken up even more.  Still, if you come by yourself, find support for what you are going through and relief from the burden of your pain, then come to understand the dynamics and patterns in your relationship, you’re likely to feel a sense of relief and clarity which will make the counseling very worthwhile for you and your situation. Just by changing some communication issues on your own, may improve the dynamics with your partner as well.

When a relationship has ended or is having a difficult time it’s very stressful. The powerful integrative therapeutic environment and skills I can provide for you will help you reduce stress, sorrows and fears which are commonly stirred up when a relationship is not going well as well.