Ancient Shamanic and Mystical Healing Skills and Wisdom

The Power of Shamanism and Mysticism

Are you seeking healing?

Are you called to be a healer?

Do you experience unusual experiences through dreams, animal encounters, or intuition?

Do you want to learn ancient shamanic, mystical, spiritual wisdom, rituals, and techniques to heal yourself or help heal others? Do you long for an awakened fuller sense of being alive?

I’ve trained for over 25 years with masterful spiritual and shamanic teachers and healers; several are master native shamans.

Shamanism is the root spiritual tradition of the world.

The quintessential principle of Shamanism is that all life is precious, alive, interactive, and treated with respect. We often think of Shamanism as a primitive worldview, but my experience working with indigenous shamans is far from primitive. Instead, it is as complex as a living ecosystem. Like an ecosystem, Indigenous shamanic cultures recognize and attend to many seen and unseen relationships. Ancient shamanic healing practices, ceremonies, and rituals support the interdependence of all life, seen and unseen.

The revered earth is the most excellent teacher and healer in shamanic cultures. We grow through natural cycles and rhythms, and the earth provides us with all we need to live. Returning to the wonders of nature heals and welcomes the soul back to belonging. Shamanism recognizes seen and unseen worlds, material and spiritual worlds woven together.

Shamanic ancient Indigenous wisdom offers proven guidelines for a balanced, ethical, beautiful life caring for the body, mind, soul, and community. Our purpose intertwines with a larger purpose. Our healing intertwines with the world’s healing, for like a healthy living ecosystem, each person has a special place within a whole. The whole, the earth, family, and community, support the person, and the person gives back to the whole. In the way of generosity- the gift keeps on giving. The matriarchal tribal tradition of the northwest celebrates a nurturing grateful way of life.   I can offer guidance and skills if you want to learn these ancient healing ways and have a fuller, awakened spiritual life.


Mystics have powers of receptivity and sympathy that are particularly acute. They are highly sensitive people. A mystic seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with the divine, and many mystics experience visions, dreams, and inspirations connected to the sacred.

Mysticism is the pursuit of connecting with the divine. We do not often consider Indigenous shamanic cultures mystical because they are associated with place and the earth. However, while studying with Indigenous shamans, I realized their culture includes the mystical. Mystical experiences, breakthroughs in nature, and ceremonies and practices lead to a direct connection with the great mystery- the divine. The earth and us are imbued with the great spirit. Indigenous shamanic cultures recognize that the holy, the great spirit, is within everything but also mysterious and beyond our limited human understanding.

These spiritual traditions offer you powerful, proven healing and wisdom. 

 IMPORTANT –please see the disclaimer and required form for services at the bottom of this page

Historically and cross-culturally, people have sought wise leaders to help them explore their purpose and connection with the sacred. The role of a soul mentor, shaman, sage, or mystic is to help you understand your way of connecting with your soul and the sacred, whether seen or unseen. Soul mentoring will aid you in finding your unique path and the practices supporting you on the way to a more profound, genuine, and fulfilling way of being in the world.

Imagine a kaleidoscope or a Mandala created with many colors and shapes and woven into a stunning whole. As a healer and teacher in life’s spiritual, psychological, and social realms for nearly 40 years, I carry many colors of wisdom and healing practices merged into a whole. I aim to pass on what I know. Many years of living in the woods and studying with indigenous traditional healers (otherwise known as shamans) taught me powerful rituals, practices, and ceremonies.

My mandala of knowledge and experience includes: Clinical psychologist, professor, writer, researcher, presenter with published scholarly articles, author with stories in anthologies by Sacred University, and initiated and trained by several indigenous traditional healers.

To heal and uplift you:

  • Shamanic and Mystical Healing skills and ancient wisdom. 
  • Individual or couples mentoring. 
  • Ceremonialist provide ceremonies and rituals for healing and significant events (baby blessings, commitment/weddings, grief and honoring, home blessings, rites of passage, dreamwork)
  •  leader and healer bringing in shamanic healing, guidance, and eco-psychospiritual in retreats for groups and individuals
  •  Supervision and consultation


Spiritual mentoring, Shamanic healing, Shamanic teaching- LEGAL DISCLAIMER AND FORMS

( ceremony, group and personal retreats, spiritual and Shamanic teaching, training, and healings )

Please read carefully and sign and return the liability form below to

Dr. Halverson – 6029 35th Ave NE Seattle WA 98115

          A soul/spiritual mentor, ceremonialist, shamanic healer, teacher or practitioner, or shaman is not a licensed physician. Spiritual mentoring may include ancient Shamanic Healing, teaching, training, and ceremonial services. The use of rituals, practices,  ceremonies, Shamanic Healing, clearings or blessings, extractions, soul retrieval, and other shamanic practices are not licensed and are considered alternative and complementary forms of health care social sciences consider unproven. They may augment more traditional forms of wholeness and wellness.  

 All services are alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State of Washington. Such services are not intended to substitute medical or psychological care.

 When undertaking soul/spiritual mentoring, rituals, training, blessings, clearings, ceremonies, or shamanic teachings or healings, I am not functioning under my Washington state mental health LMHC licensure.  When providing any of these services, I will not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any physical or mental conditions.



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I will not hold Dr. Joanne Halverson,  or any other individuals or entities associated therewith, legally responsible for any illness, injury, accident, loss, or misfortune that may occur in connection with any training, teaching experiences, retreats including in-Person Training, and any outings or other activities engaged in at the direction of Dr. Joanne Halverson at her Land or other facilities.




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