Somatic Experiencing

Somatic-experiencingSomatic experience (SE) is a powerful intervention. It informs all of the work I do with you but I do not use it solely. My approach is a unique melding of  potent healing methods and SE is included as one of them. In my practice SE is interwoven with approaches, such as narrative, ancient wisdom traditions, guided imagery, attachment therapy, family systems, ecotherapy, existential therapy, and creative expressions. When you are in therapy with me, your whole person —body, mind, heart, and spirit is engaged. Ancient and cutting edge mind-body interventions are powerful medicine. You will be treated with compassion and as a unique person and met with unique interventions to serve you.

Somatic experience as used in our sessions, is not your ordinary therapy.  Modern life is often overwhelming; still, you can experience relief from the relentless experience of anxiety. You can experience relief from the oppressive experience of struggling in relationships, of grief, and feeling thin skinned. You can find support during a rocky time of change and you can recover from trauma. You can bloom and be creative.  Each person’s therapy is the only one of its kind.

Guiding and witnessing people heal and transform is an honor. Time and your commitment to change are essential as you gain immediate coping skills and relief from long-standing underlying painful patterns. I am warm, interactive and collaborative but my boundaries are firm for the sake of integrity.  You can come to be more present and vital in your life. We all have inherent strengths & wisdom to draw from and build on. Transformation and healing are real.


Dr Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute) is the father of Somatic Experiencing. He began by wondering why people seem to get physiologically and psychologically stuck with unprocessed trauma or stress and how animals naturally recover from these in the wild. From there he studied and arrived at conclusions. He has crafted powerful insights and whole-person practices that help people heal. Trauma can be anything from a car accident to a difficult arrival in the world at our birth or a recent breakup with a lover. Somatic experience reveals how our nervous system protects us. Fight and flight and freeze are survival responses we have when we are under threat. Generally, in an overstressed world with not enough time for us to recuperate, we may not have the time and psychologically safe enough environment in which to let out bodies natural healing response occur. Social pressures and culture have an influence on us more than we may know. Learning how to tap into a more way of being in the world enriches all our experience.

Somatic Experiencing is a powerful somatic psychotherapy, which draws on the innate wisdom of the body, and integrates this wisdom into your natural healing process.  I weave Somatic Experiencing therapy, which is very similar to some of the ancient healing practices I have learned, into sessions with each person. They add another dimension to your healing path. With some people, I will use the interventions quite a bit and with others it will be much less and more subtle.  For example with some people I may offer grounding exercises and with others we may do deep guided meditation while for others who have an immediate concern to discuss, we will focus on the concern at hand.

You may only need a little help with re-tuning your innate embodied wisdom while others need quite a bit of help.  While you are expressing from your heart and thoughts and telling your story, your body is also speaking about how you are coping, healing and where you may be stuck. How this body wisdom and healing intervention is used will be different for each person depending on what will best help you. You will continue to work on whatever it is that is on your mind or heart, your issues and concerns. You will always be a part of your therapeutic process.

Somatic Experiencing interventions are gentle, accompany talking about your concerns and insights, and go with your innate body-mind-heart wisdom and healing process. As we each have different nervous systems and different experiences, the process will be different for each person – as it should be. The healing will occur at the pace that allows you to feel comfortable while you are working in therapy on whatever you choose to focus on.  Your body working through of stress or old traumas allows tremendous resolution and relief. Combined with talk therapy, you emerge feeling more coherent, more awake, alive and fully present. You become more resilient. You can reclaim your own unique rhythms and response in the dance of your life.

Interestingly, Indigenous peoples and people from some other cultures who live closer to natural rhythms know, and have known for millennia, what we are re-learning through the studies and practice of Somatic Experience and Mindfulness practices. We are relearning the primal value of a slower, more in the present and connected relational way of living. Science and research are confirming and recognizing that our natural rhythms, our intuition, and our ability to heal are connected to and reliant upon the integrative rhythms of nature, our attunement to our bodies and connections to one another. We are like an ecosystem.  It is of great value to come home to our authentic sense of ourselves and re-attune to our bodies wisdom and intuition as best we can in our busy lives. The aim is for our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits to be fully engrossed in the participatory dance of our lives.