Spiritual Counseling

Are you desiring to connect more deeply with your understanding of a higher power?  Do you want to connect more deeply with a sense of your authentic self and purpose in life?

My greatest passion is to assist others in embracing a life of potent meaning as well as each person’s unfolding, unique life journey. I have the experience to do this sacred deep work.

Spiritual counseling interweaves the usual benefits of counseling—such as the alleviation of suffering, insights into one’s dilemmas, improvement in relationships, and personal growth—with your most significant meanings and value system.

The origin of the word “psychotherapy” is the Greek word “psyche,” meaning the breath of life, as well as the word “therapia,” which means an attendant or servant. We can understand a psychotherapist as a person who is an attendant to another’s’ soul.

Your spiritual quest touches every other issue in your life.  Even if you come to counseling with other issues such as depression or loss, spiritual counseling can be very helpful along the way.

Spiritual counseling helps people to address how they are connected to their place in the universe, including the earth and the relationship to what ever they conceive of as a higher power.  All people find meaning in life; often atheist clients find meaning in their purpose, and in other relationships.  For many people, their spiritual life is one of the most significant if not the central-most important aspect of their lives, from which they live.

Do you long to find your place in the scheme of things?  Have you had unusual, unexplained, or what might be called paranormal experiences?  Do you desire to connect more deeply with your higher power and the meaning of your life?

Our complex and scientifically-based Western culture often does not help with guidance in understanding unusual experiences, or with the spiritual aspect of one’s life.  Several Native American elders I have studied with suggested that in this materially rich culture we live in many people are spiritually starving.  Often we get the message in our educational institutions, mainstream media, and from people in authority that spirituality is really an outgrown way of experiencing the world, and or is purely imagination and wishful thinking.  However, many of us have a sense of deep connection, such as through dreams that have a prophetic aspect or quality of guidance or by way of a profound experience in nature, experiences which are real and sometimes transformative.

There is a plethora of information, workshops etc. out there telling us the way to find meaning and enlightenment in our lives. What really helps? In New Age bookshops there are numerous book titles which suggest spiritual paths.  Ancient wisdom informs us that spirituality is tied into direct experience and is in essence built on a relationship with the world around us, ourselves and with a higher power or great mystery.

Do you wonder how to separate imagination from genuine spiritual experiences? Are you looking for clarity and understanding about your spiritual path?

With guidance, development of certain practices such as mindfulness, contemplation, and cultivation of direct experience, you can come to learn to trust your own inner voice and direct experience, your insights and revelations. Understanding the ways of the ego can help us clarify a spiritual path.  Our egos, which support, maintain, and protect our sense of individual selves is a foundation for our survival.  At its best, a healthy sense of our will and egoic self protects us and helps us live.  However, if our ego becomes too large, it kind of puffs us up to think we should be extra special or right all the time; or if our ego, usually through negative childhood experience, gives us the message that we are unworthy, small and unable to shine, then we put down our own experiences, beliefs, and wisdom.  All humans have an ego and all humans need to work on understanding the way ego works. We can harness the ego to serve us, and we can heal our ego when it’s too big or too small in order to open up to our spiritual self, the core of who we are, the self that connects us to all life and goes beyond I, me, and mine.

Guidance and wisdom can help you.

I invite you to let me help you on this very important journey.  Over many years, I have undergone numerous invitations based in ancient spiritual healing methods with indigenous elders and with other spiritual leaders. I am now honored to be considered an equal to these wonderful teachers. My own spiritual experiences have amazed and transformed my life.  I’ve also led spiritual workshops and groups for many years, and lived deep in the woods, an important time that informs my own spiritual journey,