The Glorious Dissolving

Side by side laying with my love in the sand we absorb the heat and courage for a final swim in the cold clear blue lake in early October. The shocking elation of immersion in the living waters is worth the numb fingertips.

Once welcomed in, my soul awakens as if she’d been asleep and did not know it.

Later, I grieve the end of summers last gift

Walking on water at sunset

The stealth of night slowly converges around the edges of day.

And then it is November.

Walking in the park, little drops of ecstasy alight on me in the cool air transmitting the splendor of autumn magnificence. And unexpectedly, moments of jubilance return.

The storm is brushing aside all that, sticky and tainted, needs to be released.

The wind catches radiant leaves and sings a duet with them as they let loose their treebound life.

Now, no bold heat warms my skin while watching cloud beings fashion dancing patterns

no readying to plunge into soothing liquid

Yet grief has been overtaken by something larger – a shift, a season.

Beauty waves her hand and manifests a shapeshifting.

the flowers of summer graciously bid farewells to form – while leaves carry on the splendor.

Bordering the lake, the trees are flames of the sacred heart.

They are burnished in translucent gold, orange and shocking red in the narrow light. The lake is swirling in silver, teal and jade. Frothing waves are fringed platinum.

My breath is stopped for a moment by the awe of transfiguration. The thinning leaves are glowing astoundingly bright as they dissolve back into the enduring light.

Mother Earth dreams and sends her dreams rising from the underworld womb into the lengthening night

no hell below us– but a secret place of alchemical gestation where the darkness is another kind of light

I too succumb to sweet dissolving, merging into love of the grandeur of death and rebirth.

Leaning against the tree trunk, refuge is my smallness within the mystery of the glorious

my heart is as effervescent as the wild breath of the day

Something wise is at work.