The great turning

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Arrive in this world slowly
a bit at a time
Small soft new body settling into the weight of gravity

the feel of incarnate belonging

The arms of mother Earth, the arms of your mother, the arms of your father,

the arms of your family,

hold you as you fall into this way of being

come gradually into this world
When your eyes are closed and you are dreaming

return to where you were before

there you are ancient, enormous, unbound, and knowing
here you will be innocent and naïve
as it should be when we begin again

begin again swaddled in love, in blissful wonder
In love with this new world, this new life

and when we, your elders, your grandparents, grand uncles, and grand aunts begin to sense  our time here will not be forever as we felt it would be
for even though love is eternal we are still woven into the temporary
In our aging we begin to close our eyes again
we begin to visit the place we came from a bit at a time

if we are fortunate, our falling in love with life returns with a fierceness

becomes ever more poignant, precious

the time approaches for us to shift once again within the great turning spiral within circles

if we are fortunately we move slowly a bit at a time into the world from whence we came
into the arms of the goddess
the cosmos
the universe greets us as our body returns to the earth and all her care