About Joanne

winter spring 2017 005 Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Dr. Joanne Dorpat Halverson. I have a Doctorate in clinical psychology and am a licensed mental health counselor with over 35 years of experience. I am a native of the northwest who has lived with my family in both the city and wilder places as a nature and animal lover. My life is complete as a wife and a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a teacher, a healer, and a spiritual mentor. I have been fortunate to study with several extraordinary healers and spiritual leaders, three of whom are traditional indigenous medicine people known as Shamans. My passions are spirituality, nature, dance, swimming, dream work, writing, art, and healing.

As a young woman, I lived on an island in a cabin we built in the woods for many years. It was not an easy way of life, but nature’s magic surrounded us. My daughters were born and raised there off-grid. On the island, I volunteered at a wildlife clinic and worked as an artist and hospice volunteer. Then, I began working in the mental health field at the local mental health agency. After the death of my first husband, I returned to Seattle to complete my education. I regularly return to the cabin to restore and reconnect with the beloved land and host individual and group retreats part of the time.

As to my journey as a therapist, after I left the island, I worked for many years in community mental health as a therapist, group leader, administrator, community educator, and supervisor. I have always been passionate about expanding my understanding of life and getting to know people from other cultures and backgrounds. Our differences are fascinating, surprising, and rich soil for learning. At that agency (Compass Health), I was involved in the committees that fostered diversity and the agency’s vision. I also learned to be a political advocate and traveled to our capital Olympia to advocate for laws that would help people and families grappling with mental illness. There, with others from various agencies who served the mentally ill, we met with people in the legislature, and some worthy laws were passed. Also, I helped design and administrate a college counseling program. I taught at several colleges, including Seattle University, Bastyr University, and others. 

Not only our families and our personalities that shape who we are and how we deal with life, but also the society, culture, lifestyle choices, and even the region where we were raised profoundly impact us. Over time, wisdom, aesthetics, ethics, culture, matriarchy, and Indigenous wisdom are topics I have researched and presented at several conferences, including the International Human Sciences conference. In other workshops, I presented on loss, resilience, communication skills, spiritual growth, attachment, and ancient wisdom. Several research articles are in social science journals. Several of my inspirational stories are in anthologies, and I joyfully donated a coloring book on the beauty of nature to the TALKCLIMATE website. Along the way, the specialties I have earned in dispute resolution, addictions, trauma treatment, aging, creativity, custody disputes, Somatic Experiencing, and grief have given me tools to offer you a wealth of help. When serving veterans and their families, I assisted in psycho-spiritual workshops with Soldiers Heart, an international organization devoted to healing and helping veterans and their families. Working intensely with veterans gave me further psychological and spiritual strength to face up to and work through the darker side of human nature we all face.

To pass on what one has learned is a joy. To help others hone their purpose and destiny is an honor. Understanding and shedding light on the forces that most affect our lives is a lifelong worthy and enlighteneing aim.

 I can accompany and support you when you go through Shadowland and in sunlight. Opening to joy and illumination is equally essential. Our lives have that rhythm of light and shadow, day and night, winter and summer.

My specialties 

  1. Individual mentoring.
  • Ceremonialist – provides ceremonies and rituals for healing and significant events (baby blessings, commitment/weddings, grief and honoring, home blessings, rites of passage).
  • Dreamwork
  • Retreats and Group learning and rituals – leading and healing work with individuals, eco-psychospiritual groups, and retreats for groups and individuals
  •  Supervision and consultation

 Life is full of gifts, beauty, suffering, and challenges. Along with great joy and many surprises, I, too, suffered traumas and losses and found healing and strength. My practice embraces a rich kaleidoscope of experiences and patterns. I consider myself a soul mentor of individuals and groups. A legacy is precious, and mine is meant to be shared. I mentor you through the use of my life experience, proven therapy methods, knowledge of mysticism, dream work, and ancient indigenous healing methods, rituals, and practices.

Retreats, spiritual groups, and supervision of masters and bachelor-level interns are beautiful ways to pass on my knowledge and guidance. Guiding newer therapists in this worthy work is a pleasure and honor. Our human journey on this beautiful earth continues.  

See published stories of my spiritual experiences and insights in the following publications by Sacred University – Owl magazine ( 3/23) featured article, and their books, Animals, Signs, Ascension and Sound.