Anxiety cures

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Embrace anxiety cures. Anxiety is a fully embodied experience living in the mind, body, and soul.  Cures for anxiety need to look at the big and the small picture of our lives.

The Experience of anxiety is more than in the mind. How we eat,  how well we sleep, our close relationships and the exercise we have in our lives contribute to our sense of well-being, or depression and anxiety.

Treatment of anxiety should be holistic and comprise many realms of life, including the inner workings of our most intimate family lives and our internal dialogue.

How do our relationships, communities, work environment, and society affect us? What can change to lend us support and the freedom to heal at profound levels?

How do we speak to ourselves? When our inner voice is rife with perfectionism and judgment, the fire of anxiety is fueled. Strong practices such as meditation, spiritual practices such as rituals and ceremonies, good friends, and a connection to the earth are good roots in well-being.

We live in nested realms of existence, and all of these realms can offer us gifts of resilience, strength, and well-being if we are intent and determined to find and practice the good. It takes intention and care. go for it!