Elevate Suffffering: reweaving the soul and earth worlds

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Thresholds that reunite worlds into one world exist.

Elevate Suffering by reweaving the soul and earth worlds. To live ethically and reap the beauty of belonging, we urgently need to recover the unity that predates Western dualism. Worldview is the issue in our time that most affect us personally and globally. We are limited as individuals and as a culture by a limited worldview.  Our society seems blind to the obvious truth that an individual journey is shaped by and shapes our world. We have been fractured, and our world is fractured. But there are entries to greater perspectives and lived experiences. Let us reclaim primal and numinous portals that restore and heal our bodies, psyches, and society. Through knowledge, wisdom, and mysteries I’ll help you explore entranceways and peak experiences which move us into a reunited world of form and soul, eminent with transcendent.  I am your guide.

These entryways lead to transformation and recovery of a richer holistic existence, our birthright. Such thresholds are found in dream states, direct mystical revelation, the unconscious, nature, and the ancient wisdom of matriarchal Coast Salish, native elders. With permission, I can share their teachings, and methods of opening doorways along with highlights of my own journey.

We can find our way home, so we begin to save our shared home – earth.