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Grief is a miserable experience but it is also bittersweet because it attests to the depth of our bonds and our love.

When the unexpected happens we are suddenly shaken from our everyday routine, from what seems normal.  We are shaken whether an event is a loss, a lost friend, a death, the end of a dream. We realize how little is out in our control.
Major change is a dizzying feeling as if we are spinning in a whirlpool going down and down turning around trying to find our way in wild and crazy waters.
Grief is as sharp as a stab by a sword. It is so visceral. Loss is felt in our bodies, hearts and minds.
A sudden loss shakes our world and tears the tapestry of our lives. In time we weave the loss into a new tapestry landscape. A  new picture will be created — but it takes time. Even as loss dulls overtime, it still pangs the heart.
We cannot escape loss. We cannot escape suffering. Our lives are like the seasons. Hopefully, these pains and trials in our lives will lead us to be stronger and wiser, to gain perspective, compassion and humility. There’s is so much we cannot control but we can keep having faith in life, being true to ourselves, listening, attending and adapting.  A broken heart is meant to become an open heart.