Alleviating loneliness

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We live in an era of loneliness. Suicides have gone up 30% over the last 30 years. Why is this? Studies suggest we have overemphasized self-reliance and underrecognized our need to connect, to bond which is primary to every living being. Let us remember the richness we are a part of.
How do alleviate loneliness? In part, the solution lies in a change in our way of thinking about the fundamentals of life. We are profoundly interconnected with one another as well as with the earth. We are not merely self-serving aggressive beings out for ourselves as the patriarchal brand of the sciences preached for many years. This view is changing with fresh discoveries which recognize the web of life – interbeing- in the sciences.

Studies have found loneliness is eased not as much by our reaching out, which does help, but loneliness is greatly eased when we reach out and help someone else. An act of kindness connects us to our heart center and gets us out of our own little narrow world.  Reconnecting is more powerful when it is done from a place of giving rather than a place of feeling like a victim.  In other studies, acts of kindness are found to be even more powerful than a practice of gratitude although a practice of gratitude uplifts people too.  Volunteering or helping an animal or friend brings joy.

So much can be done in terms of lifestyle to alter the negative patterns in our lives. Slow, holistic and steady changes decrease stress, anxiety and depression. It takes a bit of self-compassion and intention. We need connection and we need kindness to heal and to thrive.