Dreams are potent guides, teachers and a healing modality. Recently, I assisted Dr Ed Tick at a dream workshop. In ancient Greece there were dream healing practices at elaborate temples with specific protocols to assist people in gaining guidance and healing from a dream.

There is so much available to us for enriching our lives and many ways to heal. The synchronicities in the room of dreamers amazed each of us. When we can drop our egos for the sake of a deeper searching of the psyche (soul) we see the ways that we are profoundly interconnected. We are connected to one another as well with this world and the world beyond the veils. Synchronicity and coincidences are a way to see the magic in the world at work.

Dream work seems weird to some.  Ed Tick, my friend and colleague, explained at the dream workshop that weird originally meant magical and had become a negative word when pagan healers, as potential threats, were persecuted by the church. So, let’s not be persecuted for being our whole selves. Let’s be weird and believe in magic when it arises in dreams or waking life.