The new story

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We are in the midst of transformation. The old western story is one of seperation. The new story, which is actually an ancient well known story for those who have lived close to the earth and one another, is interconnectivity, interdependence. The old story is told by patriarchy and puts status and forceful power over compassion and sharing. The new story brings back the power of the feminine… empathy, nurturance, reverence for all life and includes the teachings of boys to honor emotions and girls to have a voice. We see these stories...

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grow compassion

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when the days get shorter and you are feeling down look into the work of Christine Neff on self compassion. Compassion is powerful for oneself and others. Check out her Youtube video and download her guided meditations. Tedtalks can also uplift. There is good news about human nature which can be cultivated. Aggression and despair can be healed. Look at the the Tedtalk Need Help: ask a toddler. Our innate altruism is revealed here in scientific research and through touching...

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The cult of individuality

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Phil Borges, filmmaker, said he realized after traveling the world that out culture is particularly individualistic. This can lead to great accomplishments but also great disconnection. The more connections we have in our lives the more healthy we are. We are meant to live in an ecosystem- like way of being. The possibility to connect is everywhere in our hearts and outside in the world. Every morning I take a moment to watch the little birds at the birdfeeder in my backyard. I feel connected to them and my heart...

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Fall is here. I continue to be amazed and humbled by natures cycles. Lets remember that we as children of nature go through seasons of change as well. We are here to experience it all and learn. In our western culture we tend to imagine life as a ladder or steps of progress. But many cultures see progress as an internal process that is facilitated by cycles that repeat. Our spiritual and psychological growth is in response to these changes. Some cultures we in the west have called less advanced, simply have different priorities such as...

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a better motivator

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We often motivate ourselves by a harsh inner dialogue. We threaten and warn ourselves of possible failures. Such harsh self talk hurts us, causes anxiety of all sorts and harms our health. Research reveals that kindness and self compassion, are better motivators and also decrease the stress of inner or outer pressure.  Failure and mistakes are a part of life and learning. We are all human here together. Check out for the guided meditations on...

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our beginnings

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What is the story of your ancestors? How did you begin? The study of epigenetics has confirmed the ancient wisdom concerning the significance of our ancestors. We carry their lived experience within us from before our birth. The experience of grandparents affects our biological development , our lifeview and our emotional state. Knowing more about this can help understand and heal. Check out the APPPAH website to gain more in-depth...

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The light is shifting as we see signs of fall. Times of change and transition can be unsettling and… or… exciting. Often anxiety and excitement overlap and sometimes they are confused. When we find some ground moving beneath our feet, it is time to re-ground into what we know we can rely on and what we count on… good friends, our faith, good music, poetry, contemplation,…. nature. What else? Know your resources and practise using them. We cannot control so much in our lives and yet we can know what is steady…...

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Precious, Unfathomable

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The unfathomable Within Beneath and within the supple, sweet, transitory armor of skin is a  universe unique to each being. What dreams and thoughts and friendships commence in  those cells within our skin and beneath our skin? We overflow our sense of self unknowingly as we walk and talk each day. Each of us a “one” created of many. Tiny beings swirl and have their lives within us, within our lives We are a cosmos, a creature, a multitude I am discouraged by humanity sometimes… in the dire news, or when I drive and red road rage seeps in...

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The divine mystery we share

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Who and what do we need to do more justice too, too bow before, to apologize to? When people or trees or creatures are thought of only in the context of desire or  needs, when we treat them as objects to serve us, we do a kind of violence to them.  Do we live in am alive world or a world of objects for our use? If you are coming from an place of ego it difficult to see the beauty of others, oneself or the world. However, if you approach the world and all its living beings from the standpoint of soul and interconnectedness then we can connect...

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The eclipse is coming our way the 21st. Get your safety glasses. Welcome the days beaming life source  – the sun into your soul.  When the sun as the symbol of life, heart and courage and the moon the energy of intuition, nurturing and sensitivity meet,  great power and balance commence. How can your heart and your intuition work more closely together. The day and the night will overlap. How can these different forces in our lives create a  symphony of celebration and transformation?

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